Welcome to the homepage of Matt Springer

(A portal to my various specific websites)

Biomedical Research:
  For information about my research, including current angiogenesis gene therapy/cell therapy research description and related links, my cv, The Myoblast Song, and the Neurospora micrograph collection from my graduate work, please visit the website of the Springer Laboratory in the UCSF Division of Cardiology.

Music:  For information about my published music arrangements for strings and for percussion, including ordering information for sheet music, program notes, and streaming audio, go to the music pages. You can also find an explanation of the Chinese music notation system and a tutorial about mallet percussion instruments there.

Earthquake Preparedness Resources:  For supplementary material for my public safety seminar "Home Preparedness in Earthquake Country," visit the Earthquake Home Preparedness website.

If you encounter any trouble with this website, please e-mail me.